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Week 4 ORC-Applying Removable Wallpaper

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Ahhhhh! I can barely breathe! I am getting so close to the finish line. If you joined me last week- Week 3 of the #OneRoomChallenge we started painting and the coloray wallpaper just arrived. We absolutely LOVE the color of the walls, Benjamin Moore; simply white. It is the perfect tone of white. It has a bit of warmth in it and I love that!!! So, now that painting is done and we have said our farewells to Lucio, it's time for the wallpaper wall!!!

The wallpaper wall has been prepped. We made sure that the paint cured for a few days before trying to stick the wallpaper. Remember, it is removable, so it really needs to be on a wall of cured paint. This wallpaper came in a tiny tube and I could not believe that was it. I thought to myself that surely something is missing. So, the first thing we did was map out the graphic design on the floor. Since there are two windows, exact measurements were taken and sent to Coloraydecor. It was sort of like a puzzle when we opened the tube. But, as soon as we laid it on the floor directly infront of the wall we would be using, the pattern started to emerge. We made sure that the pattern lined up on each piece, as you can see my daughter doing in the photo below. Once we figured out exactly how the pattern was going to look, it was easy as pie. We finished mapping out exactly where each piece would go, and we were ready to get started!

Next, we gathered our tools:

-box cutter


-credit card or flat metal object to smooth out bubbles


-tape measure

-extra set of hands!

And away we go, we started peeling the paper off the back of the wallpaper and we started in the top left hand corner of the room.

Once we got the first strip peeled off and adhered to the wall, we were so happy and we felt so accomplished. It is so important to start at the same spot at the top each time, so that the wallpaper lines up nicely and there is a straight line at the top. The wall in my daughter's room was a bit challenging because she has angled and tall ceilings. So, we did wallpaper all the way up to just where the angled wall starts.

We found a lot of bubbles as we were adhering the wallpaper and it is okay because it is removable wallpaper. It is so easy to work with. We would stick it to the wall, remove it, stick it again and so on. And this is where my handy dandy metal credit card tool came in really helped. I would gently peel off little by little and then smooth out with my metal tool or simply with our hands. This did not affect the adhesion of the wallpaper at all. Once we finished one strip, we continued on with the next. This is the tricky part because you really need to make sure that the patterns line up as much as possible.

As you can see this required a lot of teamwork. I let my girls help me with this project immensely and it was a great bonding experience. But, when it came to lining up the paper at the top of the ceiling and lining it up with the piece beside it, this is when I took complete charge. It was so important that the pattern lined up nicely!

We were getting close to finishing at this point. It took us two days to do. We really could have finished in just one day, but I really wanted to take my time with this project so that it turns out perfect and it did!!! I highly recommend Coloraydecor-it is great quality and it just is so gorgeous once completed. Also, it is surprisingly easy to install. Honestly, this removable wallpaper is the best invention ever. Wouldn't you agree??? Just look at the beauty!!!!

You can tell somebody is super excited!

We are seriously so excited about this project and we cannot wait to finish this room!!! We are so close! I cannot believe we have only 2 weeks left until reveal for the #BHGORC!!!

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