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Week 3-One Room Challenge

Last week, during Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, I introduced the mood board for my 13 year-old's room and I love the feedback that I have been receiving for my #oneroomchallenge. This has been so much fun so far and I cannot wait until reveal week. In case, you missed the mood board, here it is once again. #BHGORC

I also revealed the awesome paint color that we will be painting and as a matter of fact, painting is under way. We decided on Benjamin Moore-Simply white...a gorgeous true, warm white and so far I have been so happy with the way the paint is turning out. The furniture has been ordered and I am praying and praying that it will be delivered in time without a hitch.

The wallpaper has been shipped and I assume that next week I will be sharing the install for the wallpaper, which I will be doing. Some of the old furniture was given to a family member and the little girl is so excited with my daughter's bedroom set, so that makes me happy. The other furniture was donated to a local consignment shop. During this process we have been decluttering as well and it feels so good. Things that have been reproducing under the bed have been donated. And bags and bags of garbage were taken out of the room. This is definitely an added bonus.

When we first started thinking about how we would transform this room, I thought that it would be cool to do a shiplap wall around the windows, but when the estimate came back extremely high, I reconsidered and decided on doing removabale wallpaper (at a fraction of the cost of shiplap) instead behind her bed, but first, paint!!! Take a look at how the painting is already transforming the space...

Gone are the days of the purple! Seriously, nothing is as refreshing as a fresh coat of white paint. I never want to paint a pastel wall again. While we were painting this week, the rug arrived and since we cannot change out the carpet to wood floors right now this is a quick and inexpensive solution to make your wall to wall carpeting look better and almost disappear.

Stay tuned to next week when I post the installation process for the removable wallpaper from Coloraydecor. I am nervous, but I will have the help of my older two daughters and I am hoping we can knock it out in a weekend! Be sure to catch my post next week when we install the wallpaper!

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