• Reem Hassaballa

The Versatility of Winter Cedar Clippings

Perhaps the best thing about winter is the holidays. Or the peppermint mochas and the snow. I love decorating for the winter using some simple techniques and I will be sharing with you one way to add simple, classy, holiday/winter greenery to your space. The best part about this easy way to decorate for the holidays is that it is so inexpensive. We are spending enough on holiday gifts, and we certainly do not need to break the bank adding some holiday touches to our decor.

The other day when I ran to Home Depot to gather some winter plants for my front porch planters, I started gathering clippings that I kept finding on the ground. I said to myself, "they really should sell these because they would be so much fun to decorate with". As I continued down aisles of poinsettas and holiday lights, I found a stranded table of evergreen and cedar clippings! Gold mine! I quickly gathered all the cedar clippings I found for sale and ran to the register. I had so many ideas in my head. It's like the wheels started turning and could not stop. Here are a few of the ideas that I tried around the house with these, oh so simple tree clippings. And, one more thing...the smell is absolutely heavenly!

My favorite way to use cedar clippings is to have them cascading in a glass vase like the first picture above. It looks so elegant and festive on its own!

You can simply put the cedar clippings in a large dough bowl with white candles.

Try them on your kitchen counter or on a dining room table like below.

Add light and garland for more interest or for a holiday dinner party!

And finally, my favorite garland of all, without the cost of a full length garland. I tried them on the mantle with some simple fairy lights and I love the way it turned out. It was not overbearing and did not feel too stuffy. I love the simplicity! Wouldn't you agree? What is your favorite way to use winter clippings?

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