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The Perfect White Paint Color

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Ever since moving into this house, I knew that my hearth room would be a challenge. With natural light only coming in through the adjacent room, the paint that was in here just wasn't doing this room justice. I found out that classic gray was the color used in this room. Although, I did not like it in my hearth room, there are plenty of other spaces where I absolutely love it. Since it really did not work in the hearth room, I decided that it was time to transition to a white paint color. But first, let's talk about BM- Classic gray because it remains as one of my favorite neutral paint colors. It has been dubbed as one of the most popular warm, neutral gray paint colors from benjamin Moore. I have learned that the trick to using this particular color is that it needs to be in a very bright room, preferably a west or south facing room. My kitchen below has windows on both south and west directions.

First, Let me show you some rooms where I love Classic gray....

My kitchen- BM Classic gray

My bedroom- BM Classic gray

My bedroom- BM- Classic gray

My sunroom- BM Classic gray

Now, this is where Classic gray did not work out...

When we bought this home, this room was BM Classic gray. This is a color that I love and I had it in my old home in my master bedroom. It seems that this color is all over my current home and although I love it, it is a super tricky paint color. Sometimes it leans green, sometimes it leans pink and other times it just looks like a dirty color, like in my room below. It felt dreary and gloomy and leaned green most of the day and it drove me crazy. I may be picky when it comes to paint colors, but trust me, it was sucking the life out of this interior room and I felt like it clashed with the fireplace.

BEFORE-BM classic gray

The color that I knew would be the most perfect color is BM- Simply white.

I had this color in my old house as well and you can see more pictures of BM- simply white here. I love the creamy undertone this color has. It was the BM color of the year for 2016. When I used this color in my old house I knew it was the absolute perfect white. It has a creamy undertone and it is not a starck white. It is just perfect, and I know I will be using it over and over. Since I have used it before, I had the confidence to choose it from this room without trying other whites.



Other areas that I've used BM- Simply white. Remember, these pictures were taken at different times in the day. Paint colors vary depending on time of day, sunlight, etc.

I hope you found this article helpful in choosing your next paint color.

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