• Reem Hassaballa

The lure of the cane chair

What is it about a caned piece of furniture that makes my heart pitter patter? Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with finding 4 caned dining chairs for my kitchen and these are the options I have been choosing from. That intricate weaving that subtly gives the chair a certain texture that I cannot live without. From reproductions of the Jeanneret chair to the TON chair, these chairs are giving me some major inspo. I went ahead and bought 4 chairs from Williams-Sonoma, and since I needed only 4, I thought I could splurge a little because I wanted something that would really last. Read further to find out which chair I chose for my kitchen!

I have rounded up my favorite cane chairs for you right here.

From reproductions of the mid 1800s chair to the TON chair, these are the best on the market right now. Here is another that has me drooling right now.

But, the chair that I chose was a reproduction of the Pierre Jeanneret chair. There are plenty originals on resale shops online, but I did not know what condition they would be in and that makes me nervous. According to Domino magazine, the Jeanneret chair was the IT chair of 2019 and I can easily see why! Read this article to get an idea of what I am talking about! According to Domino magazine, this chair instantly makes a room "feel cool". It is both timeless and trendy and this Scandinavian design has stolen my heart. Here is the chair that I chose!

I hope this has inspired you to chase after something you have been loving!

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