• Reem Hassaballa

Stylish Baby Shower Decor For Less

Last week my friends and I set out to create a stylish baby shower for our friend. We thought my pool would be the absolute perfect setting and it turned out so good, I thought I had to share the details. I knew I wanted a table for eating, so here was my opportunity to create a special moment. I have wood chairs that I use for special occasions and extra seating, so I started with these. I knew it would be super fun to add something to the back, so I added a simple burlap knot with some felt flowers. These flowers will be used again and again, I am sure for other occasions, so they are not a waste. I also added used cute cutlery and disposable plates from Amazon. Above the table we added some paper lanterns to make it more festive. The most surprising thing I did, perhaps, is adding a vintage rug below the table. I had this vintage rug sitting outside and it created a beautiful focal point for the table and made this area feel super special. Don't be afraid to try things outside the norm. I did just this and it turned out so beautiful!

I hope this encourages you to think a little outside the box for your next party!!!

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