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Removable Wallpaper from Coloray Decor

One of the best ways to transform a room has to be by installing wallpaper. You can instantly take a boring painted room to a colorful and vibrant new space. This dreadful thought has never crossed my mind because I know how difficult wallpaper can be to install and to remove in the future if need be. Well, this is no longer an issue with the amazing removable wallpaper collection found at Coloray Decor. Not only do they an amazing assortment of wallpaper, but it is so easy to apply the wallpaper. My 13 and 18 year old girls helped me complete their rooms and the outcome was absolutely stunning. I am such a huge fan of this wallpaper company. This is why I decided to turn to Coloray Decor once again after we moved. My daughter was devastated when we decided to move because she knew she would be leaving her gorgeous old room that we covered in that gorgeous floral wallpaper. So, we decided to recreate the look. Take a look at the end results!

My 13 year-old's room

This Vintage Floral Wallpaper took this room to another level. I love the subtle, serene colors in here. It adds just enough interest without going overboard and my 13 year old chose this wallpaper. It is the exact same wallpaper that we installed in her old bedroom that I did for the One Room Challenge.

This is the before

My Older Daughter's Room

Not only did my 13 year old get a gorgeous new room, but so did my 18 year old. We decided to be a bit more bold in her room. This was her decision (mostly)! And since she is 18 and getting up there, I decided I really needed her to lead this and I am so glad I did. Her room turned out fabulous! So much character and boldness in this particular wallpaper called the Tropical Pastel Flowers. This gorgeous wallpaper is full of bold color.

As you can see, my older daughter took free reign and started the project on her own and then I came and helped finish it up. This room took us less than 2 hours! What a great weekend bonding project!

The before

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