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My Paint Colors

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

I get so many questions about my paint colors, so I have decided to share my favorites and the ones that get the most questions. Let's start off with my most used paint color in my home...Almost my entire first floor is this color.


I have gotten so many questions about this color and I think it is for people who are not looking for a true white. Because, despite it's name, it is not a true white at all. It has very cool undertones and in some light, it can pass as a very, very pale gray. It is a great option if you get a ton of light in that area of your home.

We get a ton of light in the back of my home, because it has western exposure in the back, so this color is perfect because when the light is shining in, it almost looks like a true white. However, please keep in mind that this color is considered part of the "off-white" collection at Benjamin Moore. So, if you are looking for a true white, this is not your color. But, if you are looking for a very pale gray that is a bit forgiving with kids, this can be it.

Here are some photos of it being used in my home in the study, kitchen, and family room. Again, these areas get tons of afternoon sunlight.


I have classic gray in my master bedroom and my kid's jack n' jill. We absolutely love this color. According to Benjamin Moore this color is part of the Classic Color Collection. I would describe it as a very warm gray. It definitely works really good in a bathroom. It is not a true gray, as it has warmer undertones.

Here are some areas where I have used Classic Gray in my own home...


It's the 2017 color of the year and for great reason. I discovered this color recently when I was looking for a warmer white for my daughter's bedroom makeover. I cannot tell you how much I love this white. I finally found my true, perfect white. It is so bright and airy and gives your room a fresh, clean look. After I painted my older daughter's room in this color, I continued and painted my other daughter's room and my master bath. Below are some examples of this color and I will be adding more photos to this section once I take them because we just painted and it turned out perfect! I go into detail about the transformation in this room in one of my last posts.


And as always test the colors the colors on your wall. Try it on several walls. I like to use the trial board from Benjamin Moore. I just paint the board and tape it on different walls. That way, I can see it on different parts of the room without continuously washing the brush and risking contamination from other colors. Also, using the trial board will show you the true color, because if you have a color on the wall now, this will effect how your sample looks on the wall!

And finally, I will end this post with my favorite inspiration board for white paints from Studio McGee. This is such a helpful article when trying to choose white paint colors. It helped me a lot!

I hope this blog post helped you find the perfect color for your room!

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