• Reem Hassaballa

Lupe Pure cordless vac

The 400W Lupe Pure cordless vac is seriously so impressive. I have had numerous cordless vacs and I have never had a vacuum that I have felt is this light and this powerful. #sponsored.

Here are the stats compared to other vacuums straight from the Lupe website.

As you can see it outbeats the very popular Dyson in several categories! I absolutely love that it is self-standing...hello, why didn't other companies think of this before!

Here are some of my favorite features. First, I would have to say I love how light it is. I have had shoulder issues and normally some cordless vacs are so heavy. It is so easy to maneuver and use on the stairs.

Also, I love that you can turn the beater bar off. If you have delicate wool carpet like me, you don't want to use a beater bar on it. So, with the touch of one of the front buttons, you can turn that off. The waste comes out with the push of a button by separating the plastic compartment. I also love how powerful the suction is! It out performs in the suction category and this is so important for a cordless vac.

The on-board tools are also so useful. You can separate the main hub and carry it up the stairs if needed. I love this feature and use it all the time!

the on board tools on the Lupe Cordless Vac

Charging the vacuum is a breeze as you can see below and it even tells you when it is ready when the dots are lit green. Another great feature is that you can make the suction more powerful by pressing the (+ -) buttons.

Simple charging cord

All in all, I absolutely love this vacuum and I have finally found my perfect cordless vac. This Lupe vacuum has made my life so easy.I know you would love this vac too. Head to the Lupe website and order yours today.

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