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Floating Shelves from Ultra Shelf

The walnut shelf in clear stain from Ultra Shelf

This empty corner sure got an upgrade. It sat empty for one year since moving into this home, until I finally figured out what to do with it. Thankfully, a wonderful company, Ultra Shelf came through for me and we collaborated on these amazing walnut shelves. Ultra Shelf has shelves that are customizable in almost any size and they have numerous stains and wood types such as natural, natural, and even white. I love how heavy duty they are. They come with huge brackets that are installed into the wall and then the shelves fit seamlessly into the brackets on the wall. This makes them ultra heavy duty. I have heavy pottery on one of my shelves and the shelves do not lean or tip in any direction.

The natural white oak shelf from Ultra Shelf

Don't be afraid to add some shelving to your empty walls. They are great for displaying your favorite vintage finds and they can also be super functional in the kitchen to hold your everyday dishes. I love mine and they've added so much character to these corners of my home.

This blog post was sponsored by Ultra Shelf.

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