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Cali Vibes inspired master bedroom redo!

Even thoughI have had a blog for a few years now, I finally am getting back into the groove here. My old blog that was on another site (I have since moved it from Squarespace), mostly consisted of my old style and now I am so excited to share all of the updates on this more updated page. My greatest achievement to date has to be this bedroom of ours. I wasn't really sure what my style was when we built our home 4 years ago and the design trends have changed so drastically. So, back in February of 2017, I decided my bedroom was just not making me happy and I blamed it on the gloominess of the bedroom. My husband and I decided it was time we finally get hardwood floors in this room. Since hardwood floors were not installed in any of the bedrooms and we just did not have the budget at the time, we decided we were finally ready after living with the horrific wall to wall shag we had installed (we did not have many choices, as there is a limited budget when building). Take a look at what this bedroom used to look like and you will understand what I am talking about!

Oh my goodness, I cannot even look at this picture! So, you can imagine what I just did not like about this. We were blessed to have been able to move into this house, in this neighborhood, so were just wanted to get in and it didn't matter how...old furniture and all! So, we called the hardwood flooring guy that I was referred to by a friend. As soon as he came and gave me a quote, I immediately knew he was the one. He knew exactly what I was thinking for the floors. Since we eventually wanted to lighten up the floors in the entire home, we thought lets take a risk and do light flooring in here and see how we like it. I was terrified because I have dark floors in my entire home (and still do). I knew if I ever redid our floors that I wanted 5 inch wide white oak planks and that's exactly what we did. Here is the flooring when it was first installed without any coat on top.

As soon as he started laying these floors I knew I had made the best decision ever! I immediately told him that I loved the floors as is and to please keep them as is. He encouraged me to put a very thin layer of a combo of weathered oak, and country white and see if I liked it, additionally, he gave me a few other samples to look at. I did not like any of these samples except the 2nd one down in the column on the right. I told him to lighten it even more and then he added a top coat of Loba water-based finish and we were set!

I was ecstatic about these new floors and both my husband and I knew that this is a project we had to do for the rest of the house. I hope and pray we will one day be able to do this. The floors actually change my mood and make me so happy! Every time I walk into my bedroom I am so happy. I think anything light and airy certainly lightens up my mood!

As everyone knows, once you start a project, it never really ends! We knew our old bed would no longer work in this room with the new floors and since I never actually bought a real bed, ever...now was the time. My old bed was just a headboard that I found at a furniture clearance outlet for $200 and my oldest daughter has made great use of it! So, we chose the RH Adler Shelter tufted headboard in a Belgian linen sand color. We have been so happy with this been thus far. I also had some very dark nightstands and a tall sweater chest in dark mahogany. I decided that these absolutely go lighter so I reached out to a local Chicago company, Megmade. Look at the glaring difference in these pieces! It is absolutely breathtaking now! I put the original knobs back on, but I spray painted them gold!

And here is the tall sweater chest, before and after!

I was completely against the notion of restaining furniture, but after seeing how these turned out, I am a believer! Wow, I could not believe my eyes. Truly, it is completely worth it to restain, older quality pieces! And it is something that I had the courage to do on my own!

Another thing that you will notice that we have changed were the roman blinds. The ones with the border no longer fit the airy vibe of the new room. I cannot say enough positive things about The Shade Store. Their customer service and selection is second to none. I went with a grassweave in hemp that is slightly textured. I will add a close-up of the shades to this post soon! They are just beautiful!

After about a month of getting the floors done and having some pieces come in, we were done and we could finally enjoy this gorgeous bedroom the way it was meant to be...light and airy and full of happy Cali vibes!

All of my bedroom items can be found on my Like it to know it page.


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