• Reem Hassaballa

Black shiplap

Recently I have become obsessed with the Modern Farmhouse. So much so, that we almost went ahead and ALMOST built one. We even bought a plot of land and started planning the home. Unfortunately, that did not work out and you can read about that here. But, ever since then I have been a bit sad that we did not go ahead with our plan and I decided to add bits of shiplap to give me that feel to our new (older) home.

And I have to say that this has been my most fun and exhilarating project to date. I have decided to do it in just two areas, my son's room and our mudroom. These are small spaces that I feel I can get away with black because the natural light is fabulous and it is not a larger space that would feel overwhelmingly dark. It has been so satisfying seeing the shiplap go up and I have been absolutely stunned with the outcome!


t took me a while to figure out the color. At first, I thought it would be cool to do a dark navy. Then, I thought that I might tire of it in a while. So, I finally decided on black since I consider black and white timeless colors. And the black color that I chose was SW- Iron Ore. As soon as it went up in my son's room, I walked in and I knew this is the perfect deep deep charcoal. It isn't quite an absolute black and that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to look black in some lights and just a tad lighter in other lighting.

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