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Ahhhh! The Reveal ORC

I cannot believe that just 5 weeks ago we started with a hideous purple girl's bedroom and now we have something that anybody would be proud of and that is definitely magazine worthy (Better Homes & Gardens of course) @betterhomesandgardens. When I embarked on this challenge, @oneroomchallenge, I did not think I would be able to pull it off, but now I know my design talent can go far beyond this challenge, called the One Room Challenge #oneroomchallenge, #BHGORC!

Take a look at my previous posts to see how this has come along...


Here is what I set out to do in the purple room:

1. Sell/donate her furniture

2. Paint the walls

3. Possible wall treatment (wallpaper or shiplap)

4. Buy more appropriate furniture

5. Change light fixture (Was not possible)

6. Find a rug

7. Find a way to hang a chair on a 16 foot ceiling

8. Find more age-appropriate accessories (no more Vintage Barbie)

And, one more time, the design board that got my juices flowing...

Let's take one final look at the Before:

Drumroll please...the After:

My sweet 13 year old in her new room

Texture, texture, texture

Bright, Fresh, Textural heaven!!!

So, my daughter was very involved in this process. She chose the wallpaper. When I showed her this bed, she knew it would work perfectly with the wallpaper and she immediately fell in love with this modern platform bed from West Elm. Then, we chose 2 mix and match nightstands, also from West Elm. My daughter said it is an absolute must to have this gorgeous Anthropologie hanging chair made by Justina Blakeney and it absolutely takes the room to a different level!

And once again, the gorgeous floral wallpaper from Coloray Decor!

Let's talk about the textured goodness of this Anthropolgie Duvet cover. I was afraid to have this against the pattern of the rug, but when I put a plain white duvet, it just did not give this room the feel that we wanted. I think it works seamlessly with everything in the room and it pulls out the serene blush from the wallpaper.

A closer look at all the texture:

Layer upon layer of texture on the bed.

in order from the bottom: duvet; Anthropologie, throw pillows; West Elm, Macys, and pillow cover; Anthropologie

The Wall Hanging provides plenty of texture:

It was as if this wall hanging was custom made for this room and it really wasn't. It caught my eye in the beginning stages of planning this room and I thought the fact that it looked like a sunset would work so amazingly with this room. I needed a statement piece for this very large and very tall wall and at 48 inches wide, it fills the space cohesively. And the dresser, of course, was from West Elm as well. I took advantage of one of their awesome furniture sales for this room. My daughter was in dire need of new pieces since the old ones were in the family for over 15 years.

Even this blush nightstand from West Elm provides some texture!

Some simple accessories and art:

cute jewelry holder from Home Goods

I absolutely did not go wild with accessories in this room because the wallpaper is the greatest accessory here. We wanted it to feel serene, simple, modern, and fresh. But, here are just a few items we chose for the room.

My daughter's desk area:

She already had the desk from World Market (a few years back) and the art is from Society6.

Different ways to make the bed:

We love playing around with the bedding! We threw a white pom throw under the duvet to give it a fun element:

And this is how she usually has her bed done in the morning and it still looks great!

For a neater look and to see the entirety of the bed, we tuck in the duvet...

And of course, I wouldn't be an Influencer on Instagram if I didn't switch up the pillows frequently. Here's a gorgeous lumbar pillow for this space from Local Lejos.

And that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my little journey on the One Room Challenge this spring as a guest participant. I can honestly say that I have learned so much about timing, and how to work around an bump in the road when it comes to design. I look forward to growing as a designer and continuously trying to improve my work. Thanks for joining me and I hope you loved our reveal as much as we did!

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