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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Well, I hemmed and hawed for months about whether to paint the fence, white, leave it natural or I just don't know. Finally, I woke up one day and thought, "what if I stained it black"? Well, it wasn't that easy. The wonderful contractor from Deck Medic helped me. He first brought me a sample that I was not crazy about at all, which was a semi-transparent creamy color. It wasn't white and I saw right through it. I didn't know what to think of it. I knew this wasn't the right fit for our home. He really stressed to me the importance of getting something with some sort of pigment. When I wanted to leave it a natural tone, he did not recommend this at all. Because one year from now, it would be weathered and dirty again and this is not the look I wanted for my home. I wanted something a bit more clean and modern. After looking at my house and realizing that I have a lot of modern black accents, I thought it might make sense to try a black stain. The exact stain we used was

The black stain really pulled in the black accents in the house and stands out so beautifully against the white brick. Now, I cannot see myself going back to a natural stain. More importantly, this will last so much longer than a plain, transparent stain because it has that pigment in it. Also, it really has given our historic home a fresh new look!


This is the after

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Recently I have become obsessed with the Modern Farmhouse. So much so, that we almost went ahead and ALMOST built one. We even bought a plot of land and started planning the home. Unfortunately, that did not work out and you can read about that here. But, ever since then I have been a bit sad that we did not go ahead with our plan and I decided to add bits of shiplap to give me that feel to our new (older) home.

And I have to say that this has been my most fun and exhilarating project to date. I have decided to do it in just two areas, my son's room and our mudroom. These are small spaces that I feel I can get away with black because the natural light is fabulous and it is not a larger space that would feel overwhelmingly dark. It has been so satisfying seeing the shiplap go up and I have been absolutely stunned with the outcome!


t took me a while to figure out the color. At first, I thought it would be cool to do a dark navy. Then, I thought that I might tire of it in a while. So, I finally decided on black since I consider black and white timeless colors. And the black color that I chose was SW- Iron Ore. As soon as it went up in my son's room, I walked in and I knew this is the perfect deep deep charcoal. It isn't quite an absolute black and that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to look black in some lights and just a tad lighter in other lighting.

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What is it about a caned piece of furniture that makes my heart pitter patter? Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with finding 4 caned dining chairs for my kitchen and these are the options I have been choosing from. That intricate weaving that subtly gives the chair a certain texture that I cannot live without. From reproductions of the Jeanneret chair to the TON chair, these chairs are giving me some major inspo. I went ahead and bought 4 chairs from Williams-Sonoma, and since I needed only 4, I thought I could splurge a little because I wanted something that would really last. Read further to find out which chair I chose for my kitchen!

I have rounded up my favorite cane chairs for you right here.

From reproductions of the mid 1800s chair to the TON chair, these are the best on the market right now. Here is another that has me drooling right now.

But, the chair that I chose was a reproduction of the Pierre Jeanneret chair. There are plenty originals on resale shops online, but I did not know what condition they would be in and that makes me nervous. According to Domino magazine, the Jeanneret chair was the IT chair of 2019 and I can easily see why! Read this article to get an idea of what I am talking about! According to Domino magazine, this chair instantly makes a room "feel cool". It is both timeless and trendy and this Scandinavian design has stolen my heart. Here is the chair that I chose!

I hope this has inspired you to chase after something you have been loving!

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