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The 400W Lupe Pure cordless vac is seriously so impressive. I have had numerous cordless vacs and I have never had a vacuum that I have felt is this light and this powerful. #sponsored.

Here are the stats compared to other vacuums straight from the Lupe website.

As you can see it outbeats the very popular Dyson in several categories! I absolutely love that it is self-standing...hello, why didn't other companies think of this before!

Here are some of my favorite features. First, I would have to say I love how light it is. I have had shoulder issues and normally some cordless vacs are so heavy. It is so easy to maneuver and use on the stairs.

Also, I love that you can turn the beater bar off. If you have delicate wool carpet like me, you don't want to use a beater bar on it. So, with the touch of one of the front buttons, you can turn that off. The waste comes out with the push of a button by separating the plastic compartment. I also love how powerful the suction is! It out performs in the suction category and this is so important for a cordless vac.

The on-board tools are also so useful. You can separate the main hub and carry it up the stairs if needed. I love this feature and use it all the time!

the on board tools on the Lupe Cordless Vac

Charging the vacuum is a breeze as you can see below and it even tells you when it is ready when the dots are lit green. Another great feature is that you can make the suction more powerful by pressing the (+ -) buttons.

Simple charging cord

All in all, I absolutely love this vacuum and I have finally found my perfect cordless vac. This Lupe vacuum has made my life so easy.I know you would love this vac too. Head to the Lupe website and order yours today.

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  • Reem Hassaballa

Catalina rocker in driftwood
Catalina Rockers

Catalina Rockers

My outdoor update continues and I am so excited to share more Serena & Lily gorgeous pieces with you. Over the past few years, I have been slowly adding some Serena & Lily pieces into my home and I will share those with you as well. I have come to love their quality, coastal style, and exquisite craftsmanship. There are tons of imitation pieces on the market, but nothing, in my opinion, compares to Serena & Lily's craftsmanship. In my last blog post, view here, I furnished the left side of the front porch using the Pacifica bench, from Serena & Lily. I loved the Pacifica bench so much that I decided to continue the same sort of modern coastal style on the other side of the porch. Today, I will be showing you the right side of the front porch. I chose 2 Catalina rockers for my front porch in driftwood to complement the Pacifica bench. These rockers are just so generously sized. According to Serena & Lily "Inspired by the look of wickerwork and rattan, our handcrafted resin designs offer the same attention to form and texture – plus a weather-friendly construction that's made to last". This is so important to me because it rains a lot in Chicago, and although, I have these rockers at the covered front porch right now, I also move them to the backyard pool area when needed. See below.

They look amazing by the pool! Right? My husband and I often sit here and watch the sunset or drink our morning coffee here. Where do you think they look better? The front porch or the pool? I cannot decide. The other day, my husband rocked himself to sleep right here! This is the perfect spot for catching up on my bookclub book and watching the kids jump in the pool and do cannon balls. The Catalina rockers add to the modern, yet coastal vibe that I have aimed for in my backyard. They are just perfect. I am thinking that I will leave them here for the summer while the pool is open and bring them to the front porch, once we close up the pool for the season. If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I love versatile pieces. By versatile, I mean pieces that look good in several places in your home and have great functionality. The Catalina rockers have proven to be great versatile pieces that I know my family will enjoy for many many years to come.

summerland lanterns
Summerland lanterns

Summerland Lanterns

In the photos above you will see the Summerland Lanterns, also from Serena & Lily. These light and airy, open- weave design lanterns add a touch of texture and artistry to my backyard. I love the ambiance they bring at night when lit and what I love most of all, is that they are made of a weather- resistant rattan that will last for years in my climate. The driftwood colorway looks amazing against the driftwood Catalina rockers as well.

Cayman Pitcher Drinking Glasses

In addition to the Summerland lanterns, we use the Cayman pitcher and glasses from Serena & Lily. Made of recycled glass with rattan removable covers, they are the perfect addition to my summer entertaining collection. I love using them with guests for lemonade by the pool, or myself for some iced-tea. They are so much more interesting than a typical drinking glass and they add to that modern-coastal feel that I just love!

Serena & Lily refresh
Complete Summer Refresh with Serena & Lily

As you can see in the photo above, my front porch is now complete and it welcomes guests upon entering our home. It gives the front porch the modern coastal feel that I have been craving for this space and it continues into the backyard. Slowly, but surely I will be adding more pieces from Serena & Lily to complete our outdoor pool area!

My Favorite Serena & Lily Essentials

Below, I have all my Serena & Lily essentials linked for you. I cannot wait to receive my 2 outdoor hanging chairs, which I will be hanging both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor in the summer and indoor in the winter.

These pieces have changed our life in many ways. The rockers gave us a place to rest and watch the sunset after a long day of work and they have given us a great spot to watch the kids at the pool. Over the past few years, Serena & Lily has quickly become my go-to for coastal-modern furniture pieces that will last the test of time. Having high quality stylish pieces around my home is such an important factor in furnishing my home. I can't think of a better place to find these essential pieces. Yes, you may have to pay more than HomeGoods, but it is worth every penny. Trust me! I have been so impressed with everything from Serena & Lily. I hope this inspires you to add some great-quality outdoor pieces to your outdoor space from Serena & Lily!

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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

When I first set out to find some seating for my front porch, I knew I wanted something to withstand the harsh winters here in Chicago. Not only that, I wanted it to greet people upon walking up to the front door. I want them to be impressed and have it set the tone for the rest of my house. So, I decided to reach out to Serena & Lily** and they helped me get the Pacifica bench in driftwood.

**This blog post is sponsored by Serena & Lily

I knew the color would be timeless and stunning against my white brick. The Pacifica bench is made out of classic wicker with outdoor-friendly materials. According to Serena & Lily it is made out of an all-weather resin, expertly woven that lends to the look of woven rattan. The color tone is a sunbleached driftwood, which honestly reminds me of the cafes in Paris. As you know, my husband and I traveled to Paris several times and I am always looking for timeless pieces that remind me of Paris, yet have a coastal feel and Serena & Lily pieces are so well known for this! In addition, their quality just cannot be beat! I topped the Pacifica bench with a few of my favorite Serena & Lily throw pillows. I love that they also sell the cushion for this bench as well. That is something that is one my wish list.

In addition to this Pacifica bench, I also added 3 outdoor Riviera swivel barstools to our grill area and they are stunningly beautiful and I could not believe how heavy and sturdy they are. Think Serena & Lily's signature French inspired bistro design in an outdoor stool...ummm, yes please. Once again, that touch of Paris is just everything to me. These are the highest quality resin and while there may be copycats out there, the quality on these from Serena & Lily are so evident. They do not tip over and have the same gorgeous driftwood tone that I love.

The powdercoated aluminum frame is to withstand our harsh winters here in Chicago, and our rainy Spring. The woven wicker repels water, resists mildew (I've had this on some outdoor furniture, trust me, not fun) and stand up to extreme heat (we have west side exposure in the back by our pool, so this is so important). I have some items that are not from Serena & Lily outside and they have been fading, and they look horrible. I cannot wait to have my entire backyard set up with Serena & Lily items!

These stools are just so functional, as they are beautiful. I do not want to be switching out my outdoor pieces every year because they did not make it through the winter, so I know that the Serena & Lily quality will last me for years and years. And lastly, these cute Palisades chairs in natural have been so fun next to my pool. We move them around tirelessly and they add the perfect fun touch to our backyard pool oasis!

I hope this inspires you to freshen up your outdoor space!

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