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One of the hardest things that I find to style is a shelf. But, over the years, I have learned that less is sometimes more. If you carefully choose what to place on a shelf, it should be much easier on the eye and draw your viewer in. I set out to declutter and refresh my living room shelves. Rather than completely clearing the shelves, I looked at the shelves and knew that I had to divide these up somehow. So, what I did is visually divide each section into two. It's much easier to work with a smaller section. I chose 1-3 items to place in each section. In this case, the stack of books I have counted as (one) item. Once I did that, I started removing things and editing until my mind felt at ease. I immediately knew I wanted


the shelves to be mostly neutral and maybe have a pop of color. So, I flipped the books over so that the pages show rather than the binding. Once I flipped all the books over, I started choosing items that are meaningful and work well together, leaving 2-3 items per shelf.


I kept editing, stepping back and I kept working. I even took photos over and over. I find that looking through the lens helps you see things differently than with your naked eye. Every time I would remove another item, I would hesitate, but once I did, the shelves looked so much better. I left areas that are void of anything and this is okay. I always tell my clients that you do not have to fill every wall or every inch on a shelf. Our homes need room to breathe. This process took a few days of revisiting, but at the end, I felt like I had accomplished a much more decluttered look, and simplicity is what I am craving during this New Year!



Now, let's talk about some must haves for your shelves... Books, are the number one thing you must have. I love mixing books with other items. I love mixing vintage or faux vintage pots, knots, vases, candlesticks, and vintage art. Some paper mache' bowls add texture, or baskets work well too. In my living room, I opted not to add baskets because I wanted it to feel very artistic and sculptural. I have linked some of the items that worked really well on my shelves for you below and some things that can really look beautiful on your shelves.


I hope this gave you some inspiration to freshen up your shelves or any little space or corner of your home. Just start somewhere and you will be so happy with the outcome!

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  • Reem Hassaballa

There has got to be one decor object that has my heart more than anything else and that has to be the knot or the chain. They both serve the same purpose. They basically make a statement standing alone or on a stack of books. They are like the icing on the cake to a perfectly designed vignette. Here are my absolute favorite knots and chains. Some are very reasonably priced, some deserve to be higher priced like the stone ones, but all of them would fit perfectly into any space! Below are my favorites and they are linked for you on my @liketoknow.it page.

I hope these make their way into your home. They are the coolest decor object in my opinion.

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I have carefully compiled a list of my 15 must haves in my home, that anyone can buy for their home to start creating a fresh space that will make you love your home even more. Here are some of my absolute favorite and best selling decor that you can start adding to your home to freshen and modernize your spaces.

1. Aruba curtains in Sour cream: These curtains have elevated my bedroom dramatically. Not only that, they are of the highest quality that I've seen from a retailer that we all love.

2. Black Joshua vases: These are a staple in my home. The faux distressed finish on these vases give them a vintage feel and my absolute favorite is the largest one. They make such an impact!

3. The Ester chair: This chair continues to be my absolute favorite chair and by now, you probably own one. It's lines are such that it would work in any setting, whether it is a traditional or more modern one.

4. 5. 6. These decor staples from the Studio McGee line for Target are some of my absolute favorite pieces from their collection. They keep bringing them back season after season and probably for good reason. They are just so versatile and would work well in anyone's home. They are great starter pieces for anyone trying to start decorating their home and make it look more elevated!

7. This Moroccan rug: There are several things that make this rug one of my absolute favorites. It is so kid and pet friendly, its so soft, and the colors are so neutral and versatile. See it below in my daughter's soft room.

8. Cane chairs: By now everyone knows the allure of a cane chair. I found these cane chairs to be very similar to the ones I have in my kitchen that get so many compliments and that I absolutely adore.

9. XL planter: This planter has me oooohing and aahing every time I walk past it in my foyer. If you have been looking a gigantic planter, this is the one. It is the real deal. Made in Vietnam and so gorgeous! Below is a photo of it in my foyer.

10. Vintage looking planters: This is just one example of a vintage looking planter/vase. These types of vases have really taken off in 2020 and I know they will continue being a must have for 2021 in any space.

11 Paper mache' bowls: I remember doing paper mache' in school when I was little. I never dreamed that this technique would come back in 2020 reincarnated as bowls and decor objects. Why are they so popular? They are so vintage and found looking and they instantly make your space look curated!

12. This pizza/chauterice board: Big. These make such a statement, especially when layered in your kitchen against a gorgeous backsplash. Take a look at mine below.

13. This Loloi rug: If you haven't seen this rug by now, then I do not know if you have been scrolling Instagram. It is just so popular. I think every home decor influencer has it and it is because it is just so versatile. It looks so good in ANY space and it never fails to make your space look better than it did without it. It is a must have for every home and I think it will continue being popular in 2021.

14. These iron tapered candleholders: These are so incredibly modern and clean looking. They are my absolute favorite candleholders that I have found to date. They make any space look elevated when laid on a mantle as a set.

15. A distressed wood bench: This is just one example of a wood bench. Everyone needs at least one to put at the foot of your bed or in your entry. The more distressed, the better in my opinion. I have a vintage one at the foot of the bed and I love the punch of dark wood it adds to my very airy space below. And of course, I have this gorgeous McGee&Co. rug linked for you. It took my bedroom up about 1000 notches.

I hope this inspired you to start bringing in pieces you love to your home for 2021. Any house can become a home by adding simple pieces like these to your spaces!

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